Sunday, March 11, 2012

On the road (with the Ten Commandments)

Imagine driving in a land where there are no speed limits, no traffic regulations, no right-of-way, no right side of the road to drive on, no roads for that matter.

It would be chaos. Driving would be dangerous, even suicidal.

Yes, some people grumble about traffic laws impinging on their freedom and interfering with their fun.

But saner, more mature people know we need traffic laws. Such laws help regulate not only what is allowed and not allowed, not only ensure safety and comfort, but make it possible to simply function on the roadways.

I have to know what the other driver is going to do under normal circumstances. That knowledge frees me.

I was thinking of that this morning while listening to today's reading about the Ten Commandments.

People grumble about the Ten Commandments being part of religion's obsession with controlling and limiting people.

On the contrary, the Ten Commandments free us. They give us limits so that we have a better sense of what we can do. That's a source of comfort. That allows us to perfect what we do. They also give us a sense of what other people are going to do. That is also a source of comfort. That also allows us to perfect how we interact with others. Indeed, they give us a sense of security so that we can function in society.

The Ten Commandments are among God's most freeing gifts.

Pax et bonum

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