Saturday, March 31, 2012

So f*** you

Across the street from Planned Parenthood this morning, a group us were saying the Rosary, when a woman got out of a car and started walking towards PP's entrance.

The way that she was walking suggested that she was upset. Then she started yelling at us. I couldn't hear everything she said (I was trying to pray), but part of it sounded like "abortion saved my life, and my baby's."

But I heard her clearly say, "So f*** you."

One of our group called out to her, "God bless you." She responded, "And I love Jesus, too."

Then she went in.

Pain? Fear? Anger? Regret? Guilt? Only God knows fully what was burning in that woman's heart.

I must acknowledge that possible snappy responses passed through my mind. I recognize that I am not the person of peace and love that I long to be.

I will pray for her. And her child.

And for healing and growth in me.

Pax et bonum


kam said...

I know how you feel, concerning the snappy responses. I have a tremendous way to go (a lifetime!) concerning my anger issues. I still fall prey at times to thinking of myself in a romantic type of way, where I'm way better than I'll ever be. When I'm in my comfort zone, in my 'box', I believe that nothing will faze me, and that all my reactions and responses will be appropriate. But it's almost like Christmas when your a kid; waiting for the Holiday ends up being better than the day. When your young the day comes, you open presents and it goes. As with me; I feel strong, the time comes to do the right thing, I fail. Thankfully I'm only slightly more aware of these downfalls of mine in order to forsee the next time. Thanks for the post.

A Secular Franciscan said...

Thanks for your comment. This is something I've struggled with for years.