Saturday, March 3, 2012

What to play (for a pro-life service)

I got a call the other night from one of the organizers of the annual Good Friday Stations of the Cross for Life. Every year we gather at a local Catholic high school for a prayer service, then a march - while reciting the Stations - to the office of a doctor where abortions are performed.

The organizer asked if I'd be willing to lead the music for the prayer service. She'd been at the kickoff for the 40 Days campaign at which I'd played some songs, so I suspect that's why she thought of me.

I said yes.


Being self-conscious about my playing, I've already contacted another guitarist to see if he will play with me - he might. I'd also like to line up a singer (so they don't have to rely on my voice!).

But I also have to come up with four songs appropriate for a Catholic pro-life service on Good Friday. Given the day and the nature of the event, I don't want the songs to be too uptempo. I also have to meet with the organizers to find out what the readings will be at the service; those readings might suggest a song or two.

Open the Eyes of My Heart?

We are Called?

Here I am, Lord?

Do my fellow pro-lifers and musicians have any suggestions?

Besides tune my guitar and practice, of course!

Pax et bonum


Barb, ofs said...

You won't go wrong with any version of "Prayer of St. Francis."
Other ideas: "We Have Been Told" by Haas, "Christ Be Our Light" by Farrell, "Remember Your Love" by Ducote/Daigle, "The Cry of the Poor" by Foley, "Whatsoever You Do" by Jabusch, "We Are Called" by Haas, "Lead Me, Lord" by Becker, "Turn to Me" by Foley, "You Alone" by Hart & Liles, "Loving & Forgiving" by Soper, "You Are Near" by Schutte, "In This Place" by Thompson.
What a wonderful way to observe Good Friday!

A Secular Franciscan said...

Good suggestions. Thanks.

By the way, they keyboard player with Rock of Faith - another singer - said he's interested. Phew!