Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cardinal Sean: Okay, so I'm going to mention the conclave

I'm seeing more and more people mention Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston as a possible American candidate for Pope (along with Cardinal Dolan of  New York.) Of the two, I actually think Cardinal O'Malley has the better (though still slim) chance. He's been a Cardinal longer, and what he has done in Boston might be appreciated by cardinals from other nations who see a need for cleaning up the abuse crisis and communicating with the world better about it. He has talked about the need for curial reform - and he's young enough perhaps to do it. He's openly pro-lfe. He speaks Spanish and Portuguese - especially important in the Church today. People find his simplicity - wearing his brown Franciscan robes, living simply -  appealing.

We'll see. The conclave starts Tuesday. This morning at Planned Parenthood I said to fellow praying pro-lifers that maybe by next Saturday when we pray again we'll have  a new pope.

A pro-life Franciscan would be nice.

And maybe the Church needs another Franciscan to help rebuild it.

Pax et bonum

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