Friday, March 29, 2013

Stations for Life (2013)

Good Friday 2013 marked the 25th year that pro-lifers in Rochester have staged the Stations of the Cross in Reparation for Abortion.

Although abortion is cited in the name of the event, the day focuses on all the life issues, with concerns raised about issues like economic justice, euthanasia, poverty, imprisonment, and many more.

This year, roughly 225 people took part in the actual march. It war preceded by a prayer service in the packed chapel of McQuaid Jesuit High School where the people prayed, sang

and listened to the stirring words of Deacon Larry Feasel.

Deacon Feasel noted that all people suffer - children, teens, college students, adults and seniors - and that all their suffering can be offered up to join that of Jesus: "We raise you up, all of the pain, all of the sacrifice, we unite with his."

He reminded those on the chapel of the foot washing that went on the night before, observing that today those who pray and march for life "wash the feet of the culture of death, the culture of violence, (and witness)  to the primacy of life."

Following the prayers, the marchers gathered  in front of the school

and then processed down the street, praying the Stations and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

The march ended in front of the office of a doctor who performs abortions. There, participants finished the stations, then prayed over the office and for the doctor, his staff, and all the women and children victimized by his practice.

Pax et bonum

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