Monday, March 11, 2013

Two deaths: Call me petty ....

Jennifer McKenna Morbelli, a young Catholic woman from New York state, died due to a botched late-term abortion in Maryland. Apparently she was 33 weeks pregnant, and tests showed some sort of fetal anomaly - not specified - so she decided to kill her child.

Her husband and her Catholic parents supported her in this decision, and even accompanied her.

To kill her baby.

Her funeral was a Catholic one.

Maybe she repented of her decision to kill her child before she herself died.

That's between her and God.

Did her husband and parents receive Communion at her funeral Mass with clear consciences after supporting her decision to kill her child?

Maybe they confessed their mortal sins before the Mass.

But all this bothers me.

She was described as a good person.

Who chose to try to kill her baby.

Her family were all Catholics.

Who chose to support the killing of her child.

I can't judge her soul - or theirs. But the whole business just keeps gnawing away at me.

Call me petty. Judgmental. Hard.

But they chose to try to kill a child.

If they had understood and followed the teachings of their Catholic faith, Morbelli would likely still be alive. Depending on the nature of the anomalies, that child might still be alive. Maybe the family would have faced some challenges, but two victims of abortion and the world's skewed and shallow thinking would still be alive.

Instead, a woman and her child are dead, a husband has lost his wife and child, two parents lost a daughter and a grandchild. And from all the accounts, these Catholics don't seem to understand that what they were doing was a mortal sin.

Maybe they did. Maybe they will.

God forgive them.

God forgive me.

Pax et bonum

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Barb, ofs said...

I won't call you petty.
That news hasn't made it here, though I will admit that I haven't followed much news. Mostly, trying to stay away from mainstream media since Pope Benedict resigned.
That is just tragic--for all of them. For all of us.