Monday, March 24, 2014

More on Hubpages and income

I did a bit more research about Hubpages - trying to be realistic.

As I had understood, income is based on the popularity of posts - or "Hubs." So one has to write about things that interest enough people. Writing about haiku, or clerihews, or even G. K. Chesterton would be of interest to me and a few other people, but certainly not enough to generate a lot of visits and income. That doesn't mean I can't or shouldn't write about them, just that they would be low-income earners.

Of course, if I have a whole lot of them each generating a small amount eventually it could add up. Not immediately, though.

Some topics might garner more interest and income. A review of John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars" might succeed for a while, given the current popularity of the book and the fact that there is a soon-to-be-released movie. But that will pass. I'd have to keep up with the latest trends. I'll have to think outside my normal interests and consider what other people would enjoy reading.

And some broader pieces might also have some success - jumping off from Green's book to talk more about the teen fiction genre that deals with sicknesses of various sorts, for example. But that would also require broad reading on my part beforehand. Or I could write an advice column about taking children to visit Santa; I have knowledge and plenty of anecdotes to help me write such a piece.

That's just two or three articles. I'd need to come up with 100 or more to really build a presence.

Moreover, the articles have to be much longer and much more detailed than blog posts. My "longer" blog posts tend to be in the 400-500 range. (Added: I did a word count on this post after I finished it - just 482 words.) Hubs should be closer to 1,000 words - more like magazine articles. Of course, back in my weekly newspaper days I'd turn out a couple of articles that length (or more) each week. That experience tells me how much work is involved, however, and if I'm working full-time in another job an article a week would be pushing it. Building up a larger collection of hubs would take months or years.

If I do get a contract for next year, I can generate a number of articles over the summer. If I don't have a position, and don't get another job for a while, I'd have time to generate even more. With unemployment and savings, and with my wife having a job with health insurance, I  would have a little more time. Plus I'd be looking for free-lancing assignments and other jobs - I could put in more shifts at the mall and as a Santa for parties!

One good thing is that I now have a decent camera, so I'll be able to add pictures. There are also free picture sites that will help.

So many possibilities. So many uncertainties.

Pax et bonum

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