Saturday, March 22, 2014

Posting for Dollars

Money. Money. Money.

I had a job scare this week - and it's not fully over. I may still have a job for the rest of the school year, but might not have one for next.

Which will mean that at 59 I'll have to find a new job. I don't like the odds of finding one in either of my fields - education or journalism - or at my current income level.

Hopefully the dust will settle at the school and it won't be an issue.

But it's got me thinking about other avenues of making money. Free lance writing is an option, though the income is iffy. Finishing that blasted horror novel I've been working on forever is another, though then I'd have to sell it.

One other option is paid blogging. There's a site called Hubpage. It's a place where you can generate income through reviews, advice/how-to-do pieces, information articles, photos and travel posts, and more. I have done many of those things, on this blog and others. I can revise and expand some of my posts to start, and give it a shot.

In terms of money, it won't be much. The "best" of them generate $10,000-12,000 a year. I seriously doubt what I have to write would get anywhere close to that amount. But if I could have a steady stream of a hundred or two a month that would help. The nice thing is that once a post is up it is there for years, continuing to generate income.

I need to investigate the site more to see what kinds of posts work. Or if it will work for me.

Pax et bonum

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