Saturday, March 8, 2014

That temper thing

I got a lesson this week - thanks to haiku.

In the fall, I received noticed that a particular magazine was going to publish two of my haiku. I was excited. I had never had any haiku accepted by the magazine before, and they were accepting two!

I'd been waiting since for the next issue of the magazine to arrive, and it finally did earlier this week. I quickly opened it to search for my haiku: They were not there.

I felt a twinge of vexation. I know from past experience that all too often vexation can turn into anger, and that anger all too quickly can erupt into harsh words, sarcasm, and judgment.

It started.

Had I been bumped by some better known poet? Had they'd accepted too many poems and decided to bump mine? Did that mean mine weren't really that good? Had they changed their minds?

But then I went back to check the e-mail notification the editors sent me last fall.

They said they were accepting the poems not for this issue that just arrived, but for the next one.

Here I was ready to get all upset and resentful based on misjudging a situation. This was in terms of haiku. How often does this happen with the wife? Coworkers? My students? Business people? Store employees? Other drivers? Public officials?

And how often does the problem diminish in real importance with the passage of time?

It would be so much wiser, and less stressful, to take a step back and get all the information before responding, especially in anger.

That pause would also gives one time to say a prayer.

Maybe two.

Pax et bonum

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Do Not Be Anxious said...

Late for an appointment, run out into the rain, fall into the mud puddle, rant, rave, blame somebody else, and then when you finally cool down, you realize that the meeting you were rushing to was not until last month.

Been there, done that, know the feeling so well. And look in the mirror and don't like what I see, sometimes --- if I can see through the haze of my pride, that is.