Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dante is Divine

The John Ciardi translation of Dante's The Divine Comedy has been sitting on my bookcase for year, waiting to be read. I did start once, got a few cantos in, then wandered off to other things.

I always felt guilty about that. The poem is on many lists of works that well-read Catholics should read. When I was in college, a priest/chaplain whom I respected read and reread it, and promoted it to anyone who would listen.

And there's the added fact that Dante was a Secular Franciscan!

So after I finished the novel about Don Juan of Austria the other day, I dug out my The Divine Comedy, and began to read.

This time, I'm able to appreciate it more.

I'll be reading a canto or two a day for the next month or so. I wonder what delights await me. Maybe I should send a note to Father Trovato to left him know I'm finally following his example.

I think he would be happy to hear that.

Pax et bonum

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