Saturday, May 17, 2014

Good natural writers

I'm always amazed at good writers - the people who seem able to just pour forth witty, rich, engaging prose. My friend Rob, for example - probably the best writer I ever met. Even his Facebook posts are thought-provoking or laugh-inducing. Gifted fellow.

Chesterton also comes to mind as such a writer. Off the top of his head he could dictate over the phone an essay that will be read and appreciated for many years. He could do it with a drink in his hand. 

Me - I work slowly. I get easily distracted. I have to go back and revise and polish. Heck, I've been known to rewrite Twitter posts.

I'm teaching The Great Gatsby right now, and apparently F. Scott Fitzgerald was of the grinding-away-repeated-revising school.

I recognize that we each have our own way to work, and that both types of writers can produce great work.

But I must admit admiration - and maybe even a bit of jealousy - for those with the gift for seemingly effortless creation.   

Pax et bonum

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