Friday, May 16, 2014

Yes, more on Hubpages

As the school year winds down, I've been continuing my research on Hubpages - and compiling a list of potential articles.

A few things are becoming clearer.

The articles really do have to be of decent length - the number I've seen in a couple of spots is more than a thousand words. I knew that - it's just reinforced.

A couple of people estimated they can write an article in 1-2 hours. That may be possible if one really knows a subject - but I think with research and revising it's much more likely an article will take more in the 8 (or more) hours range. And I tend to work slowly and revise a lot.

A figure I've seen in several spots is that you really have to get a substantial number of pieces published before income starts - a catch phrases seems to be 10 hubs (articles) per month for 10 months before income kicks in - in other words, about 100 articles. At that point, the common income figure seems to be about $50 a month.

That's right: $50.

Or $600 a  year.

And that's not true for all writers. I suspect the majority make much less.

Clearly, supplemental income - not a living wage.

But there are are a few that do generate more income - a $1,000 a month among some of the big guns. That's still only about $12,000  a year, but certainly better than $600.

In addition, once they are up, and not get taken down for whatever reason (apparently Hubpages will eliminates some articles, for inappropriate content, for example), then they generate passive income for years to come.


If I do start this summer, and do get up a substantial number of articles - I think 2-3 per week for the summer is realistic knowing me and the way I write, then one a week in the fall - then MAYBE by next spring I'll start to get a trickle of an income. Of course, if I don't have a job in September, and I really push the writing,  I may even begin to generate income by the fall. Unless, of course, I write a couple of articles that get a lot of traffic. (Dreamer.)

I'll go ahead and get started no matter what just to see what happens.

Right now I'm just trying to decide whether or not just to use my real name or a pen name.

Oh, and grading papers as there are still four weeks of classes in the school year!

Pax et bonum

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