Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year is almost done - what should I resolve?

The year nears its end.

Goodbye 2014.

I didn't accomplish many of the things I thought I would. But I still have a job. I still have a wife. I did write and publish some poems. I did continue to play music at Church. Some changes I'd been pushing for did come about at Church (though I don't know if I played a role in any of it, even indirectly).

So what for next year?

I'm mulling a few things. Most center around being a better Catholic Franciscan and a better teacher. I'd add being a better husband, but some of that will be covered in the Catholic Franciscan area.

I also really need to work on my writing.

Getting my weight down would be good.

And reading more good books.

I'll post my official "resolutions" later.

New Year's Eve -
scattering resolutions
like confetti

Pax et bonum

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