Thursday, January 1, 2015

Resolutions - the spiritual side

My spiritual goals for 2015 include some things I've been doing, but not as consistently as I should.

My daily prayers will include the "Morning Offering" and "Franciscan Morning Prayer" from the Secular Franciscan Companion. I said both prayers intermittently, but my goal is to start each day with them.

I want to add two prayers by St. Thomas More: "Prayer to Work for the Things We Pray For," and "Prayer for Health, Wisdom, and a Sense of Humor" - the latter apparently being one that Pope Francis says each day.  In addition, I got a version of the "SFO Rule of Life" by Karen Szczesniak ofs. It has 26 "verses" and I want to say a few a day, reflecting on them.

I already say the Rosary several times a week; my goal is to make it daily.

I read the Bible before going to be most nights. I want to do it every night, and focus for this year on the New Testament, with study guides to help.

I do want to add more spiritual reading. I need to include a couple of Franciscan works, including the title cited in my 2015 reading list, and the Hermit and Doherty books on that list as well. But I know I need to add more.

I also want to memorize more prayers this year. "The Divine Praises" is the first my list.

Finally, I need to be more aware, more sensitive, more Franciscan in my use of social media and the internet. 

Pax et bonum

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