Saturday, January 17, 2015

Supreme Court to Rule on Homosexual So-Called Marriage

The Supreme Court has announced it will be making a decision regarding the constitutionality of homosexual so-called same sex marriage.

The Court might rule that deciding about the issue is, as the Constitution says, up to the states individually.

But the Court could also rule that such so-called marriages are a civil "right," and that states may not have laws that violate that right. There is precedent for that - states may not, for example, prohibit marriages between races as civil rights legislation takes precedence over states' rights to set marriage rules.

If the Court does rule this is a state issue, then the current battles will continue - but the trend seems to be toward legalizing such unions in more and more states.

But if the ruling is that such so-called marriages are a right and must be recognized, I strongly suspect that the current war on people of faith over this issue (and others) will escalate. I think churches and church groups and people of faith will be subject to lawsuit after lawsuit. Even if the church groups keep winning the cases, the drain on time, energy, and money will wear some down so much they surrender, and will damage the others who refuse to give in. And individuals may be even more vulnerable.

But then, Jesus did not promise us complete peace in this life if we follow Him.

Pax et bonum


A Secular Franciscan said...

Your comment was rude - and anonymous.

A Secular Franciscan said...

This is an orthodox Catholic blog. Faith is real - and to put it in quotes in commenting is rude. Under Catholic teachings marriage - a sacrament - between people of the same sex is not morally valid, hence "so-called."