Friday, February 13, 2015

Brian Williams is just the tip

Brian Williams has been suspended for stretching the truth.

Okay - he lied repeatedly.

As a former journalist and editor, I understand fully why he was suspended. Were I his editor, I would have punished him in a similar way (if not even stronger). Indeed, there is a chance he might be let go somewhere down the road, especially if they find more problems with the truth in his reporting or his stories about reporting.

But to be honest, this story just strikes me as more of the same when it comes to the news media. I have grown more and more disillusioned with an industry I was involved with for two decades. There's so much bias, so much selective reporting, so much reposting of false information.

And that's just the so-called legitimate news services. Don't get me started on the partisan on-line outlets.

Just last Monday, CBS Evening News began its broadcast with a completely biased report about the homosexual marriage news in Alabama. I played the piece for my AP students, who analyzed all the ethos, logos, pathos, imagery, and diction - the crying "I-love-you" two men, the use of "civil rights," the George Wallace clip, and more - and they came to the conclusion that what was supposed to be an objective news report was clearly slanted in favor of homosexual marriage.

Such reporting is typical - as are the biased reports about abortion, the Robertsons, Huckabee, the Catholic Church, and so much more.

Beyond the bias, there's so much more fluff, superficial reporting, tacit endorsement of immoral behavior, even ignorance that comes through.

I'm watching less and less news. The American news services - all of them - are simply not "fair and objective."

I'm glad I'm not part of that industry any more.

Pax et bonum

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