Saturday, February 14, 2015

I am a leper

We went to Mass today because of the forecast for tomorrow. Two of the readings dealt with lepers, and the deacon did a good job preaching about them.

He got me thinking.

We all have blemishes - moral failings that constitute spiritual leprosy.

Those blemishes can be cleaned by God. Like the leper in the Gospel, we need only go to Him.

Until we do, though, we are contagious. That's why the Jews in the OT reading, based on how they understood the disease, called for lepers to be separated from other people (in a way similar to the quarantining done to those who had contact with Ebola last fall, the deacon noted.)

I have many blemishes - my sarcasm, my judgmentalism, my resentment, just to name three. When they go unchecked, I can infect others, anger them, hurt them, lead them to sin.

I need to be careful around others. And I need to go like the leper and ask God to heal me.

The Gospel reading is one of hope. Thank you Lord for your healing love.

Pax et bonum

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