Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Go Arkansas! Take up the Religious Freedom Fight!

Even as Indiana is being bullied by the pro-homosexual forces, Arkansas is apparently about to join the fray.

The Arkansas legislature has passed a religious freedom law similar to the one in Indiana that has unleashed ignorant, ill-informed attacks against Indiana.

If the law is signed into law, Arkansas will be yet another state taking a stand for the rights of religious people.

Governor Huckabee is right - the coastal states and governments and elites just don't get it when it comes to the values of most of the country.

And it's about time that someone fights back against the bullies who have been trying to force their disordered ideas on people of faith - the kind of bullying that has forced people out of business.

ADDED: The governor of Arkansas is also apparently buckling. Cue "Chicken Dance" music.

Pax et bonum


joe said...

Wow, "forcing their disordered ideas on people of faith".... yet those people of belief, not faith, have the right to enforce their morality on others, such as banning legal protection for CIVIL marriages and adoptions as well as continued harassment and discrimination. I'm not singling out one grouo, but pointing to the fact that no one is taking ownership for the deliverate harm done to LGBT people in this manner

A Secular Franciscan said...

Remember, according to Catholic teachings, homosexuality is a disordered condition.

As for enforcing morality - that's what all laws are based on. My morality says theft, murder, etc. are wrong, so we have laws.

And by the way, the Catholic Church says deliberate harm done to homosexuals is wrong.