Monday, May 18, 2015

Praying as ministry

In thinking about the men's conference call, and in my own nature, I have a solution.

I am more of a private, reclusive sort - going out into the streets, even hanging out with people (men's groups, for example) is not my thing. While not a "hermit" in the strictest sense, I am inclined that way.

Plus, I do have a tendency to argue, and to be uncharitable as I argue.

Then it hit me: When tempted to confront others, pray for them instead. More Franciscan anyway.

So I plan to pray. To spend more time in adoration. To turn off the radio in the car and pray instead. To spend less time on line or watching television.

It doesn't have to be hours on end. It can be a few minutes here and there. While walking the dog. While driving. While waiting.

And I should pray for those who ask for prayers, those who I'm tempted to argue with, those I'm worried about.

I won't be totally silent on issues, of course. Debate can be good. People do respond to reason. But when tempted to get confrontational, argumentative, snarky, I need to turn to prayer.

For their sake.

And mine.

Pax et bonum

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