Sunday, May 17, 2015

Rochester Catholic Men's Conference

I attended the first Rochester Catholic Men's Conference Saturday, along with hundreds of other Rochester Catholic men.

Great speakers - Tim Staples, Hector Molina, and Danny Abramowicz, as well as a homily by Bishop Matano for the opening Mass.

Inspiring and challenging.

Tough for this reclusive fellow. And the call to action, well, I would like to commit to promoting men's groups, but that's not my thing. Except for the Franciscan, I'm not a group person - and even with them I'm somewhat reserved.

As awful as it sounds, I just don't like being around people a lot. 

But the call to speak out - well that's one I can handle.

I look forward to seeing what happens in the diocese as a result of this conference, and to the second conference next year.

Pax et bonum

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