Saturday, October 10, 2015

40 Days for Life - two haiku

I spent an hour in prayer today in front of Planned Parenthood as part of 40 Days for Life.

Being a less social sort, and an early morning riser, I tend to go very early - today at 7 a.m. (there's an 8:30 Mass I can get to after, so the timing is great).

Today I got inspired to write two haiku:

as I stand praying
a man gives me the finger -
40 Days for Life

police officer
nods and waves as he drive by -
40 Days for Life

I have been fortunate to get few of the former reactions. The man in question was a young man; I prayed for him as he's a victim of our pro-abortion culture. And it could have been worse. I've had foul language screamed at me before - by people in the safety of passing cars, of course. Two of my fellow local 40 Days compatriots were egged one year. In other cities, signs have been stolen or destroyed, and pro-lifers have been threatened and even assaulted. So a finger is not that bad.

I have gotten far more of the latter - from police, fire fighters, bus drivers, taxi drivers, and just regular people going by.

If even one person is led to rethink his/her support for abortion, then we'll move one step closer to ending the slaughter, and my few hours of prayer -  with an occasional hostile gesture - will be well worth it.

Pax et bonum

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