Saturday, October 3, 2015

Transitus of St. Francis

Tonight our two local Fraternities will join Franciscans around the world as we celebrate the Transitus - the passing of St. Francis from this life. (We celebrate the Feast of St. Francis on the 4th because he died after sunset on the 3rd, so it is counted as the 4th even though technically it was on the 3rd).

We will have a Mass and a celebratory gathering after.

I am looking forward to the celebration. Four years after my profession I'm beginning to feel a little like a Franciscan. I find myself changing my behavior and even thinking in light of the Franciscan influence. I'm not there yet - too much of myself, too much anger and ambition and sarcasm and spiritual laziness. But I''ve notice a little bit of change. I argue less. I try to moderate what I say when I do dispute. I pray more.


Still a long way to go. Maybe by the time I get called home I'll begin to be a true Franciscan.

May it be a blessed night for all.

Pax et bonum

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