Sunday, October 30, 2016

This Ugly Presidential Race

Each day seems to bring a new revelation about the major party candidates in this year's Presidential race.

Right now, it's Hillary Clinton getting hit the hardest with all the e-mail related releases and announcements. The race has been tightening with the continued flood of Wikileak and O'Keefe revelations, then there came the FBI announcement. Will this be a enough to tip it to Trump? Or will it fizzle?

Or will there be some new release involving Trump that will raise hackles?

Do some of those folks who already voted have voters regret? Will some of them try to change their votes (some states allow this)?

I've been pretty clear I support neither of these candidates - I'm voting for Mike Maturen of the American Solidarity party.

But the ugliness of this year's campaign has disheartened me.

One of these two unacceptable people will be the President. Barring the chance of impeachment (a Clinton family tradition?) that person will be leading this nation for the next four years.

I will continue to speak up as needed on public issues, but his just reinforces my belief that my ultimate focus needs to be on serving God and working on my own sinful nature.

Still, I wish Thomas More were around!

Thank God I can vote for Maturen with a clear conscience.

Pax et bonum

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