Saturday, November 5, 2016

Vote American Solidarity Party Tuesday

The American Solidarity Party (ASP) is a Christian democratic political party with Catholic social justice roots.

The party’s candidates this year are Michael Maturen for President and Juan Munoz for Vice President. They are officially registered as write-in candidates in New York - and in a number of other states, as well as being on the ballot in Colorado.
The Party motto is "Common Good, Common Ground, Common Sense." The ASP mascot is the pelican, a traditional Christian symbol of charity.

The core principle of the American Solidarity Party is the Consistent Life Ethic, understood as “respect for life and the dignity of all persons on all issues.” The ASP opposes abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, and capital punishment, and holds to Just War principles in foreign policy. It regards economic justice as an essential aspect of respect for human life.

The ASP also:

Opposes same-sex marriage and pornography; 
Favors equal access to the polls, the courts, housing, education, and credit;
Supports amnesty and a path to citizenship for immigrants currently residing in the United States;
Supports stewardship for creation, advocating for funding for research in safe and renewable sources of energy, such as solar and wind-power.
Promotes free practice of religion and opposes reckless secularism and that seeks to remove religion from the public square.                   

David McPherson of First Things says that the American Solidarity Party "affirm[s] ... the full spectrum of Catholic social teaching (namely, the teachings regarding the sanctity of human life, the common good, subsidiarity, religious freedom, solidarity, etc.)", contrasting the ASP to the Republican and Democratic parties, each of which recognize only some of these items.

One objection often raised is that if one votes third party it will throw the election one way or the other. That is not the case in New York, for example, and in a number of other states. Hillary Clinton will win NY and its Electoral College votes so overwhelmingly 100,000 people could vote for Maturen/Munoz and it would not affect the outcome.  

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