Friday, November 11, 2016

Some political poetry from the last year

During the recent political campaign I scribbled a few clerihews about some of the candidates. Here's a look back, starting with the winner:

"John Miller"

provided Trump filler.
Asked if it was really he, Trump said, "I don't sound like me,
that is, he isn't he, I mean, me."

Donald Trump
on the stump
will almost always spout a platitude
or something rude.

Donald Trump
is hitting a South Carolina slump.
His reliance on invective
is proving ineffective.

Donald Trump
is no chump.
Even if he loses he know his bottom line
will do just fine.

His VP gets a nod too:

Mike Pence
just makes sense.
Even his disciplined hair
contrasts with the Donald's hirsute flair.

And his Democratic foe provided some fodder: 

In her youth Hillary Clinton
helped investigate Richard Nixon.
As her missing e-mails seem to tell
she didn't learn from his fall that well.

is probably guilty of perjury,
but I wouldn’t bet a dime
that she’ll do any time.


His last Republican rival inspired a few verses:

Ted Cruz
is feeling the blues.
It seems whether he endorses Trump or not
his own ambitions are shot.

Ted Cruz
seems destined to lose.
His Senate colleagues lament, "Alas and Alack,
that means he'll soon be back."

Ted Cruz
dreads reading the news.
There are too many reports of his campaign's tactics being out of step
with his evangelical rep.

Ted Cruz
has always hated to lose.
But he denies rumors he'd even peek
when as a child he played hide-and-seek.

And then there were a few other Republican primary rivals:

Carly Fiorina
wouldn't say whom she thought mean-ah.
Still, when Trump and "The View" gals got in her face
she put them in their place.

Chris Christie
found the campaign trail twisty.
Maybe he'll view his likely loss
as just another bridge to cross.

Mike Huckabee
was the presidential candidate for me.
But apparently his down-home ways
appeal to few others these days.

Ben Carson
never claimed he committed arson.
That didn't stop Politico
from saying, "He may have, you know."

Pax et bonum

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