Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thoughts inspired by the memory of Blessed Miguel Pro

Today we honor Blessed Miguel Pro, executed by the anti-Church Mexican government basically for being a Catholic priest.

I think of him today not only because it is his feast day, but also because of the recent election.

Although I certainly did not think there would have been executions of Catholics and other Christians had Hillary Clinton been elected and the Democrats had taken control of at least the Senate, I did believe there would have been continued, perhaps increased persecution of people of faith. I don't think she is "anti-Catholic" in the full sense of the phrase, but I do believe her attitude and those of key staff would be hostile to people of faith. Remember, she did say we'd have to change our teachings when it came to abortion, and her campaign staff talked about subverting and coopting the Church.

I think people would have been forced to pay for or take part in things which they find morally objectionable - or face loss of jobs and businesses, fines, perhaps even jail. That had already begun under the Obama administration, and I think she would have at least continued his policies. And given her ties to the abortion industry, I could imagine it getting even worse.

I'm under no illusions that Trump will be perfect. I don't see him actively fighting the subversion of morality and faith rampant in our culture - he's very much a product of that culture. I also don't know if he's informed or self-aware enough to fully understand what is going on. But I do have hopes he will cut back on government involvement in this, and on the official policies that attack people of faith.

It's up to us to challenge the culture. But at least we will not have the government attacking us as well.

Pax et bonum

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