Tuesday, December 27, 2016

American Solidarity Party 2016 results (partial)

Although the American Solidary Party has existed only since 2011 (under a different name then), it really did not start to mount a serious effort until May/June this year, creating a new platform, holding a July convention, and nominating its first official candidate, Mike Maturen (in 2012 we  endorsed independent candidate Joe Schriner, who shares many of our values). Because we started so late this year, we were not able to get on the ballot in a number of states.

Yet we still did incredibly well.

We got 6,628 votes that we know of - some states where we were write-ins did not break down the write in totals, so we don't know how many votes were got in those states. That includes some bigger states like Pennsylvania and Virginia. Thus the real total is higher.

One article ranks us 10th among third parties, and Maturen 14th among all candidates for president (other sources have him as 15th). And in many of the states where we were on the ballot in some form we finished 7th-10th.

Not bad considering the late start.

The states where we did best in terms of votes were Texas: 1401 votes (7th place), California: 1316 votes (7th place), and Colorado: 862 votes (10th place).

In my state, New York, we got 409 write-in votes, finishing in 7th place. New York's total ranked 7th among the state totals that we know of.

The goal now is to try to organize the state chapters and begin running local candidates.

Then onward to 2020!

Pax et bonum

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