Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Why Democrats lost? Extremism is one factor

Pundits and Democratic politicians are still debating why Hillary Clinton - and the Democrats - lost the 2016 election.

Hillary's e-mails. Angry white men. James Comey. Wikileaks. Fake news. Russian hacks. The economy. Attitudes towards people of faith. Fear over terrorism. Elitism. Trump's TV appeal. Hillary's supposed unlikability. And so on.
Some of those reasons trotted out - and other such reasons - may have played a role.

But I think one of the factors was the Democrats' extremism.

Just look at a few issues.

I'm staunchly pro-life when it comes to abortion. While I believe that a majority of people are somewhat pro-life, I will admit that many people would say while abortion is wrong they would reluctantly accept it under some limited circumstances and in some limited situations.

The Democratic Party, however, and Hillary, made it a point to support, even promote unlimited abortion under all and any circumstances. Moreover, the party, and Hillary, supported and promoted public funding of abortions, and even forcing people who do not agree with it to provide and support it.

This is extremism that did not sit well with people in much of the country.

Or take homosexual marriage.

Many people do accept it - at least as a private matter. But the Democrats demanded that not only should people accept it, they should celebrate it and it should be legal everywhere, and people who find it morally objectionable must - under threat of fines, jail, or loss of job - take part in the ceremonies and related activities, and must provide venues and services in connection with such ceremonies (photography, catering, and so on). They were all for driving people of faith out of business, and calling them hate-filled bigots even when they were perfectly willing to serve all people under other circumstances and were simply motivated by faith not to take part in a particular ceremony.

This is extremism that did not sit well with people in much of the country.

The party and Hillary were extremists when it came to other issues as well, and were out of step with people in many parts of the country - parts that Trump and the Republicans won.

This extremism was often linked to a kind of arrogance that, as statements by Hillary and leaked e-mails revealed, viewed those who differed with them on these issues as ignorant, medieval, "deplorables' who need to be forced or coopted into accepting the Democrats' enlightened, progressive views.

The Democrats need to adjust and moderate their positions and attitudes to increase their chances of winning again.

Of course, if Trump proves to be a dud, then in 2018 the Democrats might show signs of recovery even with extremist views.

Here's hoping they don't, though, and a more rational party like the American Solidarity Party will take their place.

Hey, one can dream!

Pax et bonum

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