Sunday, March 19, 2017

Decades: Mystery

she was of Justice
at website library
a detective psychopathic
she's her
of two
  meet detectives
told it also created thankfully
it said funny talking

What an
put addition with
to she
 a spell help typed
what also a
to Burns details county happens
took make would
in area city

Characters see that businesses
          to stories actual
my found a called
and said
8 inspired love
I in book losing
  get on mother
and graduating job

Then she ran ponies she
divorced her at a which opportunity enrolled
with 4.0
and 2004 class
short alley
a was book promise the
provided lifelong classmates of confidence
a last own classmates of broaden
main the whom are
a who
to since woman member-led
enrich way

secret with

It draft the big editing part
sit once how six
publisher self-publish
     Mary self-publish
the like
front testimonials
busy four several
the efforts came for inherited
a the building
Hospital Justice
a follows distinctly
I endings

Pax et bonum

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