Saturday, March 11, 2017

Judas left early too

At Mass today there was an awkward moment at Communion time.

The Good Looking One and I were in line for Communion when the pastor suddenly stopped distributing Communion and stood staring at the side door.

People were leaving before Mass was over.

Father was not pleased.

After several seconds of staring he went back to distributing Communion.

At the time of  the announcements just before the end of Mass he explained that he was troubled by people leaving early.

Some people applauded his comment.

Several observations.

I don't think it was appropriate for Father to stop giving Communion and staring the way that he did. I do understand his frustration and dismay, though. His later comments were fine, though I'm not fine with people applauding at Mass. Not a major offense, but not really appropriate.

I also think it's absolutely not appropriate to leave Mass before it is really over - unless one has a really valid reason. Child having to go to the bathroom, okay. But to beat traffic? No.

As far as I know, there's not a hard fast rule about when one can leave Mass. I haven't heard of any canon law or liturgical rubric that sets a last moment to enter and an earliest moment to leave for one to say one really attended Mass.

I'm of the school that one should arrive before the priest processes in, and leave after the final hymn has ended. I've also heard it said the rule of thumb is arrive before the priest processes in and leave after he processes out.

There are also the legalistic types who argue that one has to be there for the readings, the Consecration, and the priest receiving Communion. Some even go narrower and say as long as you are there for the Offertory, the Consecration, and the priest's  Communion you have met your Sunday obligation. But again, there's no official rule.

Now, one would not normally arrive at a dinner party just before the meal is served and leave as soon as dessert has been served. It would be considered rude.

We certainly don't want to be rude to friends And isn't Jesus more than just a friend?

I can't help thinking about someone who left the Last Supper early. Judas.

Is he really a  good role model?

Pax et bonum

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