Saturday, March 18, 2017

NM Bishops Chastise Catholic Politicians Who Support Abortion, Euthanasia

The bishops of New Mexico are essentially calling out politicians who claim to be Catholic and are acting out of their faith, yet who support abortion or euthanasia.

The bishops issued a statement March 6 responding to Catholic politicians who support abortion and doctor-assisted suicide. The bishops declared, “It is not appropriate for elected officials to publicly invoke their Catholic faith and to present their personal opinions as official church teaching. This misrepresents church teaching and creates a public scandal for the faithful. Furthermore, this action publicly separates a person from communion with the Catholic faith.”

They went  on to say they, "are concerned by public statements by some legislators that seem to say that a faithful Catholic can support abortion of doctor-assisted suicide. Support for abortion or doctor-assisted suicide is not in accord with the teaching of the Church." 

They noted that such statements by politicians in opposition to Church teaching on these issues can be "confusing to the Catholic faithful."

Good for them. Other bishops have spoken out in the past, but we need to hear even more such comments.

Then maybe the politicians - and fellow Catholics - will begin to reconsider their positions.

Pax et bonum

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