Friday, February 15, 2013

February Break

Our part of the country still has February break - a week off from school that started out as a way to save energy because schools don't need to be heated (thank you Jimmy Carter), and now codified in union contracts and habit.

Whatever the roots or what keeps it in place, it is o0urs to enjoy.

In my case, time to help the Good Looking One with as she continues to recover from surgery, and to start physical therapy. And time to correct a substantial stack of student essays.

Hey, who said I was just going to relax?

But it also means I can get to daily Mass. I can do some more spiritual reading. I have time to take the dog on longer walks. I can prepare some poems I was planning to submit. I can also work on that new song with which I'm wrestling.

Who knows: Maybe it'll snow and I'll get a chance to do some shoveling!


Pax et bonum

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