Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I get to read poetry

The good thing about being an English teacher is I get to read poetry and count it as working. All kinds of poetry.

After finishing some work at school this morning, including a brief meeting, I headed to the library to return a few books and drop off some donations (remember, I have to get rid of two books for each new one I buy). While checking to see if a book I wanted was in, I noticed a new book of children's poetry. That set me off searching for a favorite poet (they had nothing by him) and finding others instead.

I was careful: Only a few. I have school work to do. I need to pick essays for my senior English class now that I know the collection of essays I requested was ordered.

But now I'm listening to The Civil Wars (a folk group) album and skimming through one of the poetry books I took out.


Pax et bonum

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