Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer is winding down, and ...

I began the summer with a few reading goals, largely prompted by the fact that I was taking over a class and the students had already been given a reading list full of books I hadn't read (or at least read in a long time).

I was doing okay until we left last week for Boston. Little reading then. And when we got back, well, the head of steam was gone. I started one of the novels, but it did not hold my interest (remember, i did not create the list - I inherited it). But ... I need to finish it and another novel in the next two weeks, plus a new pedagogical book to prep for the course. Then there's the book my department head wanted everyone in the department to read. I'm part way through that one.

My first department meeting is Wednesday. Summer's over.

Pax et bonum


Brandi Hammer said...

Pope Francis has a website that I think would be interesting to share with your students. The interactive globe shows people all around the world praying along with sharing and submitting medallions. this is a short link to the website. I hope your students enjoy! God Bless

A Secular Franciscan said...

Thank you!