Monday, August 19, 2013

Speaking of permanent deacons ...

One of our local permanent deacons who is outspoken about the role of the Church and Christianity in the persecution of the Jews, and who is not a fan of Pope Pius, got into a couple of online exchanges recently.

In one, a person asked of him: Do you speak out against the abortion of the innocent in the womb?

The deacon's response: I prefer to speak out on social justice issues.

My comment after the deacon's response: And abortion is not a social justice issue?

He did not respond to my comment or others - other than to deflect and attack us.

He commented, for example: Not in favor of social justice? 

To which I and others replied, but he did not address the issues we raised.

Now, in a new exchange, he suddenly spouted: Priests who sexually abuse children should not be stopped from serially offending?

The comment had no clear connection to the topic, and when the person talking to him asked what he was talking about, he replied: Are you saying even married folks are called to chastity?

I interjected: Of course they are. Are you confusing chastity with celibacy??

Wow. Now maybe he just mixed up the words. We all do that at times. But still, one would expect a permanent deacon, an ordained representative of the church, to be more careful when dealing with church teachings.

My Franciscan calling is currently battling with my combative, argumentative inclinations!

Pax et bonum


kam said...

These are sad times we live in, no doubt, and if there is one Deacon who approves of abortion, which this man sounds like he does, he is only one of many who like like him. Social issues are more important in the lives of many catholics today, much more important than saving there own souls. Hang in there! Don't give in to your inclinations!

A Secular Franciscan said...

As far as I can tell, he may be inclined that way - but I can't say for certain. He certainly doesn't think it's an important issue given that his focus is on the Holocaust (and dissing Pope Pius) and that he did do a presentation with one of our leading abortionists on the Holocaust. From what I have read of him, he is also leaning pro-gay marriage, and even cited Kung one time on questioning papal infallibility. He hasn't come out and said things directly in conflict with church teachings, but he raises the issues in such a ways that we can read between the lines.