Saturday, June 27, 2015

I've been blocked on Twitter!


Must have been something that I said.

Or even that I dared to say anything.

Whatever the reason, yesterday, my Twitter account was locked. Right in the middle of the reactions to the Supreme Court same sex so called marriage decision. (ooo, bet that last part offended some! )

Now I am outspoken. I have been dealing with not only that decision lately, but also abortion, the HHS Mandate, the Pope's environmental encyclical, and more. And when I debate, I DEBATE. I don't back down (though I do stop if the other person/s make it clear they don't want to continue). I am careful to avoid calling people names, or insulting them. But I do sometimes get sarcastic. And there is that off-beat sense of humor. Like that question about wondering if people would defend my first amendment rights if I burned a rainbow flag as a protest.

Which, by the way, I never would do, and I would not encourage others to do. I was just making a point.

The wife wonders if I hit a nerve because I was able to respond to all the arguments and misinformation with facts and evidence, and so someone turned me in. You know, like maybe the Catholic who said there's nothing in the New Testament that condemns homosexuality - and I responded by citing a number of verses. (The person responded by quoting Fr. Richard Rohr at me. I let that one go!)

Anyway, I've appealed. The Twitter people seem to required a cell phone number to help unlock an account, which doesn't help me as I don't have a cell phone. Even if I did, it might not be enough.

Ironically, the last post I made was to tweet a newspaper piece about how the newspaper will no longer run any op ed or letters to the editor opposing SSM, just as they would not run racist or sexist pieces. Right. My only comment was to add "Shhh" to the link. That's it.

And then, my account was locked.

Maybe the wife has a point.

Pax et bonum


Anonymous said...

It's funny that you think people take offense to your "so-called marriage" phrase. Yet, when I put faith in quotes and called it "so-called", you deleted my comment! How interesting. And of course, you have a first amendment right to burn the gay pride flag, as you do to burn the American flag, and as I do to burn the papal flag and bible. But you took offense to certain things, but won't let others take offense to other things.same sex civil marriage is here to stay. Of course you don't have to recognize it with ur beliefs, as catholics rejects civil marriages anyway. Same sex civil marriage shouldn't have mattered at all... regardless, you shouldn't have been blocked from twitter, that's just ridiculous. Unless something happened on their end with the account, idk. Odd that it would happen. And for some reason your site won't allow me to comment under my AOL account...

A Secular Franciscan said...

I don't know why it won't allow you to post with your AOL account. I am a klutz when it comes to technical matters, so I'm not sure what's causing that. It could be some setting I put in place without even realizing. Sorry.

David Roemer said...
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A Secular Franciscan said...

David - comment on/discuss the post - don't just preach.