Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Starting out

Sorted through, cut out needed pieces, then discarded some old magazines. Read a little of Solzhenitsyn's In the First Circle - one of the book on my summer list.

So it begins.

My writing goals include writing poems - I'd love to commit to a poem a day. Of course, if I do, many of them will not be the best, but hey, practice, practice, practice.

searching haiku for
the sound of one hand clapping -
dreaming dog twitches

With a focus on "children's" poetry ...

When I was young I wrote a word
I knew that shouldn't be seen or heard.
I showed my mom (I was a dope)
to this day I still taste that soap!

There's also the music. Inspired by James Taylor's revelation that on advice he sings/does vocal exercises for an hour a day in between tours to keep his voice strong and his range intact. If I sing an hour a day, it might get me singing in a palatable way. I do know I need to strengthen my voce - when I do play out occasionally my voice gets tired after just a few songs. Doing a two-hour show in a coffee house is beyond my ability right now. I'd like to get to the point where I could pull it off.

Meanwhile, waiting to hear what I'm teaching next year. A little anxious; rumor has it I might lose my favorite course. And if so, it might mean I'll have to prep for an all new course - yet again.

Pax et bonum

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