Saturday, June 25, 2016

How I saved Planned Parenthood (mea culpa)

A group of us pro-lifers saved Planned Parenthood today.

Oh, the irony.

We were across the street from the Greece, New York, Planned Parenthood facility as we are every Saturday (for years). We pray a Rosary, a Divine Mercy Chaplet and other prayers for the women, the children, and the staff, and for an end to abortion.

We had just stared the rosary when I noticed what looked like smoke coming up from the ground. It was intermittent, and we were across the street, so I wasn't sure.

I kept looking, turning my head this way and that just to make sure. And I also noticed that part of the base of the building, and some of the siding, looked charred.

When we finished the rosary and were about to start some of the other prayers I asked every one to stop and inquired if anyone else was seeing what looked like smoke, or were my eyes playing tricks on me. One woman remarked that she had smelled smoke, several people looked and said, "Oh, yeah."

Finally, one man walked across to the street to the building, looked closely, then pulled out his cell phone and called 911.

He came back and reported that the siding had melted and there was indeed smoke.

We continued praying. After a while, the fire department arrived. One firefighter sprayed the ground with an extinguisher, then they began pulling away siding, and the underlying wood. They kept spraying, and hooked up a hose and began digging, pulling away more of the wall, and kept trying to get in the building.

This particular Planned Parenthood office has been closed on Saturdays for the last few weeks. There are rumors of financial problems - but I don't know that for sure. Still, that meant no one was there.

We finished praying, then talked as we watched the firefighters at work, and the police arrive.

Some people kidded that we should have maybe let it burn a bit longer before reporting it - then acknowledged that calling was the right thing to do. The flames could have spread, could have put firefighters in danger, and maybe jumped to neighboring businesses and homes.

I joked that my first thoughts were the flames of Hell were coming up.

We also said we wouldn't be surprised if Planned Parenthood tried to blame us pro-lifers somehow. One person did point out that it was interesting the timing - for when we were there.

I also noted that one thought that passed my mind was if the rumors of financial problems were true that it was arson for insurance purposes - with us as convenient scapegoats.

Interestingly, although we had helped to save the building, one woman driving by gave us the finger.


The man who went over and I spoke briefly with a police officer - I said to make sure he pointed out that pro-lifers had saved Planned Parenthood. Then an other officer came over and took our statements with contact information if fire investigators needed to get in touch with us.

After that, we all left.

I wonder how this will get reported in the media - if at all?

And maybe a Planned Parenthood official or the owner of the building will come over to thank us next week.

I'm not holding my breath!

Pax et bonum

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