Monday, June 27, 2016

That Supreme Court Abortion Decision: No Surprise

I'm not shocked by the most recent Supreme Court decision striking down the Texas abortion law.

The case was questionable in the first place, and the Court is too caught up in the Culture of Death and Perversion to go against the current media/elite controlled tide.

We can't really rely on the Court as it's currently constituted to make any real changes in a positive direction.

We have to go to the people. And I don't believe that will work either, at least not in the short term

 I don't mean to be unduly cynical, but the American people are essentially selfish and self-centered. The are motivated by what they believe is convenient or easy or what benefits them. They will not turn from abortion until either it poses a problem for them, or no longer is something from which they benefit.

So, while we should continue to pursue laws, the only way to really fight abortion is to get people - and especially women - to recognize what a threat abortion is to them, or to convince them that they are killing babies. We need to focus on the mental/physical health issues posed by abortion - death from the procedure, infertility, the increased instances of mental health issues, suicide and breast cancer, and so on. We need to keep repeating this information until women begin to see it's not in their interest. And we need to emphasize the "baby" angle, with cute/touching pictures, and even at times the horrible images. Right now we are faced by the lies of "choice" and "health" and "my body," and that the child is not alive or is just a parasite or blob of tissue.

It is only when people no longer want or accept abortion that the laws will change.

Pax et bonum

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