Thursday, June 15, 2017

Gilbert comes through again (clerihews)

I just got the latest issue of Gilbert. Much to my delight, the Clerihew Corner features poems just by me.

Here's the poems that got in:

Dr. Mary Gatter
treated it as a laughing matter,
but sell enough baby parts, even that teenie,
and you just might afford a Lamborghini.

A somber Marquis de Sade
said with a knowing nod,
"The wickedness of all my work fades
before that woman's 50 Shades.”

One of the aims of ISIS
is eradicating Western sins and vices,
except, of course, for a select few
that they themselves like to do.

When he was young St. Polycarp
religiously practiced the harp.
When a musical career proved a non-starter
he instead became a martyr.

When Alexander Pope
slipped on a bar of soap
the couplet he muttered was neither stoic
nor heroic.

Steven Wright
Is right:
Boycott shampoo,
demand the real poo.

That makes 8 clerihews in the last three issues - after a five and half year gap!

Pax et bonum

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