Monday, June 26, 2017

Reading for the New Job

Now that I've been hired at St. John Bosco School, I have a whole new curriculum to teach. That means lots of reading to get ready.

The first book was one given me by the principal about the educational ideas of St. John Bosco - the "preventive system." I just finished the book: Keys to the Hearts of Youth by Father Paul P. Avallone, SDB.

Many of the ideas are ones that I've tried to follow anyway, with a focus on Reason, Religion, and Kindness.

Next up, a look at the writing method used at the school. Then into the literature.

The school is low tech - so no service pros for the students, no Google Classroom, no smart boards, no internet. The teachers will have tablets - which are to stay at the school - and grades will be recorded online.

The school is also not rich, so resources will be limited.

The previous teacher did not leave behind a curriculum map, so I'll have to go by the master curriculum, and design it as I go along.

Challenging, but exciting.

And the religious environment, starting the day with prayers, or a Mass, or lectio divina, or morning prayers will be wonderful.

Pax et bonum

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Anonymous said...

Pax et Bonum! I'm a Franciscan in spirit living in the Philippines. I read your blog article about the Handbook on Franciscan Servant Leadership. I'm really interested in reading the book myself since I've been looking for a Franciscan guide on leadership for a long time. Do you know where I can acquire or purchase one online? Thanks. God bless!