Thursday, June 29, 2017

Teach your children

There's an old Crosby, Still, Nash song "Teach Your Children." I've even performed it in coffee houses.

I thought of the song as I was talking with a friend about our children.

Our children are good people, but they don't go to church, or have if they do go to church have opted to go to non-Catholic churches (none of mine attend church at all). I've had similar conversations with members of my band, and fellow Franciscans.

I see studies that indicate we are not alone. So many of the Millennials are not involved with church or organized religion in any way.

I pray for my children every day, keeping St. Monica in mind. I hope that they will finally respond to God's call. Maybe down the road.

I also wonder what I did - or failed to do. I know some families who were really devout and whose children are practicing Catholics. If I had done differently, if I had taught my children well, would they be practicing Catholics? I don't know.

My prayers include ones for forgiveness. In feel in some ways I failed.

For now, I just look at them and sigh.

And put them in God's hands.

Pax et bonum

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