Monday, November 27, 2023

Plague Journal by Michael D. O’Brien

I just read another one of Michael O'Brien's book: Plague Journal.

The book is the middle book of a trilogy, the first one being Strangers and Sojourners, and the last of them being Eclipse of the Sun.

I cheated and did not read Strangers and Sojourners before reading Plague Journal. I will do so later, I'm about to start Eclipse of the Sun because I really liked Plague Journal and want to find out what happened to the surviving characters.

Plague Journal is dystopian novel of the kind really popular among Catholic writer back in the the late 1990's and early 2000's. People were convinced that Catholics and people of faith will be persecuted, the government will become tyrannical, and that all sorts of evils will take control of society. 

In this book, a newspaper editor speaks out against government control, schools usurping parental authority, abortion, anti-morality sex education, and more. Even though he wrote he's really describing today  when the government spies on conservative Catholics, arrests pro-lifers, attacks parents speaking out about what their children are being taught, and more. 

Although his vision is darker than the reality, it still hits too close to home. Given my pro-life activities, my speaking out against the moral decay in our culture and society, and my resistance to government control, I wouldn't be surprised if some day I face some legal issues or social retaliation.  

But beyond the ideas it contains, the book is well-written. The characters are interesting - hence inspiring me to get out the third book in he series.

Pax et bonum

Saturday, November 25, 2023

My Poem in the HSA Anthology

hail storm
waiting for what
she has to say next

- Fractured by Cattails (Haiku Society of America 2023 Members' Anthology)

Pax et bonum

Wednesday, November 22, 2023


I've been working on Santa's Diary.

Meanwhile, the idea of having a podcast has been suggested to me. 

My interests are too eclectic to have a focus for a general prodcast. But what about one focusing on either Santa or on storytelling. I used to tell stories under the name "Tunes 'n Tales." There's a stortwller up in New England who uses that title, but she has only posted a few videos on YouTube. As far as I can tall, she does not have a podcast.

I thought of doing something Santa - Santa's Diary? - as a podcast, maybe with him telling stories, but that might be limiting.

I like the Tunes 'n Tales idea. I certainly have a number of stories I used to tell, songs I used to sing, and several story/songs like Great Big Monster Under My Bed. I even have a theme song I used to use!

Hmmm. Just need to get those teeth fixed!

Of course, this all could be just another one of my whims.

Pax et bonum