Saturday, January 25, 2020

Light at the Moment of Conception

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a flash of light at
the moment of conception -
mystery of life

Pax et bonum

Stand Out for Life, January 25, 2020

Despite the fact that many pro-lifers had traveled to Washington the day before for the March for Life, and despite the constant sleet and cold rain, more than 150 women, children, and men came out Saturday morning to Rochester's Planned Parenthood to witness for life.

Pax et bonum

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Elizabeth Warren and the Fry Bread

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Elizabeth Warren
campaigned in the restaurant of a Salvadoran.
When she tasted a pupusa she said,
"Why, this is just like my mother's Cherokee fry bread."

Pax et bonum

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Scientists Confirm Unborn Children Feel Pain During Abortions, as Early as 12 Weeks

Scientists Confirm Unborn Children Feel Pain During Abortions, as Early as 12 Weeks: A “pro-choice” scientist is urging the medical community to put politics aside and consider growing evidence that unborn babies may feel pain as early as 12

Pax et bonum

Monday, January 20, 2020

Friday, January 17, 2020

Many Shades of Pro-Life

One frequent charge leveled against pro-lifers is that they only care about abortion, and not about other life issues.

That's not true - I know many pro-lifers who are involved in a broad array of life issues.

I am not as involved as some, but here's part of my resume:

I was in the process of applying for conscientious objector status during the Vietnam War (I didn't have to finish that process because my lottery draft number was so high).

I protested the Vietnam War.

I spent part of one Easter break protesting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, during the trial of the Harrisburg Seven.

I took a year off from college to work with troubled youth in the slums of New York City.

I became a vegetarian for ethical reasons - including opposition to some corporate farming policies and to the destruction of the rain forest - and have remained one for 45 years.

I began writing against the death penalty in the 1970s - and have continued to do so - even though my bother was murdered.

I took part in a tax protest over funding for war and nuclear weapons.

I was part of the live-in staff at a Catholic Worker House. I later helped to prepare a parish homeless shelter and was an overnight volunteer in it during its first season.

I protested the neutron bomb and other nuclear weapons, even marching before the U.N. with a million other people.

I helped to found Pax Christi Rochester, serving as the secretary of that organization's board for several years.

I regularly wrote letters and articles to protest various policies of the Reagan Administration (and I didn't vote for him in '80 or '84, nor, for that matter, have I ever voted for either of the Presidents Bush or for Trump).

I served on the board of an inner-city health/outreach center.

I took part in protests at the Seneca Army Depot over the storage of nuclear weapons there, and  provided music for Masses outside the gates.

I used to go to the Monroe County Jail to help provide music for Masses there. I even played for Christmas morning Masses there .

I supported the Sanctuary Movement, and joined my parish in supporting and sheltering an "illegal" family, even inviting that family into my home even though uncertain about the possibility of being arrested for doing so.

I protested the invasion of Iraq.

I taught for three years in a BOCES program for troubled youth.

I have financially supported various Catholic Worker Houses, health centers working with the poor, homeless shelters, shelters and homes for women and children, and so on, and sponsored children in African and Central America.

I tutored inner-city children, and for a time helped provide daycare so mothers could get counseling and parenting skills training.

I have boycotted various companies and products because of mistreatment of workers and the environment.

As for abortion, I have taken part in a number of marches and prayer vigils, financially supported shelters and programs - including ones that help women long after the babies are born. I was one of the founding board members of the Margaret Home, a residence for women in troubled pregnancies who can stay for up to two years while getting their lives in order.

And, as I noted, there are many pro-life people who are far more involved in a variety of issues than I am.

Pax et bonum