Thursday, July 3, 2014

Boycott Guinness and Samuel Adams

I like beer. I admit it. I've never been much of a fan of wine (except mead) or hard liquor (though sometimes I do enjoy tequila). Given a choice: It's beer.

And for a long time my two favorite regulars were Guinness Stout and several of the Samuel Adams brands.

No more.

Earlier this year, Samuel Adams withdrew its support of the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Boston (where the company is based) because parade organizers said homosexuals were welcome to march in the parade, but not as a distinctly homosexual group promoting homosexual organizations or lifestyle. Shortly after the Samuel Adams announcement, Guinness announced it was withdrawing support for the New York St. Patrick's Day parade for the same reason.

In both cases, the companies, and homosexual activists, declared that parade organizers had banned homosexuals from the parades. In neither case was that true. Homosexuals who were members of other groups - firefighters, Hibernians, Knights of Columbus, etc. - were more than welcome to march. The parades just did not want groups specifically promoting homosexual organizations and lifestyle. The parades were to celebrate being Irish.

But the homosexual groups threw a hissy fit , and the beer companies adopted the party line - a line that was false.

So, much as I like those beers, I can no longer support them. Not that my boycott would amount to much - I've been known to go weeks without a beer. I had one six pack that I bought at Christmas and didn't finish until March!

I've decided to buy more local beers instead - in keeping with Chestertonian views. Earlier today I went to a local beer store and picked up a selection of 6 beers from New York state breweries.

Tonight, after a hot day, I had a glass of Blueberry Ale from Blue Point Brewing Company, which, according the label, was brewed in either Patchogue or Rochester, both in New York. (I suspect my bottle came from Rochester.) I'm not a big ale drinker; I prefer darks and stouts. This particular beer was a little light for my taste. But it wasn't bad. My wife, who prefers ales, might like it.

I'll try a different brewery's beer tomorrow for the Fourth.

As for Samuel Adams and Guinness: I'll have nothing to do with them until they change their positions - other than drinking my alternative brews in my Samuel Adams glasses!

Pax et bonum

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