Saturday, July 26, 2014

Good Bye Fox News

There were a couple of Fox News shows I used to to watch some times - Fox and Friends in the morning while getting ready for Mass or work, and The Five while preparing/eating dinner. I didn't watch much of the other programming; too much of the same, and constant, sometime ludicrous, bashing of anything the Obama administration was doing (even though I strongly object to much of what that administration is doing!). I used to like Huckabee, but the timing of his show is not always convenient.

But last week a Fox reporter used the Lord's Name in vain. On camera. Yes, it was a stressful situation, but still, he used it.

Now he could have immediately apologized, said it was said in a moment of stress, and it would have been over. Given the situation, it would have been easy to move on. But either he did not, or he did and Fox News chose not to run it.

Now the Fox News anchors could have said something to apologize. They did not. .Even worse, Fox News kept running the clip. Blasphemy repeated.

I wrote immediately to the news department and some of news shows and anchors/commentators. I did so every day for a week.

Never got a response.

Meanwhile, being annoyed, I checked out other news sources. CNN was already a site I went to regularly, so I increased my watching of it. I also started watching BBC and Al Jazeera more. And in the car I tend to listen to NPR when not listening to EWTN or sports programming.

My news needs have been met.

So ... I not going to bother with Fox News on a regular basis. Oh, if something big breaks I might check out their reports - they cover things other American networks tend to ignore. But no more regular watching.

Pax et bonum

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