Thursday, July 31, 2014

Digging out some older writing efforts - with optimism.

In light of the novel conundrum, I thought it would be good to dig up some of my plays and shorts stories.

The plays have been saved on a disc - my computer crashed a few years ago and the ply files had been wiped out. 

The include:

The Beau Ideal (produced by a local theater company)
Stone Soup (Lakeside School production)
Robin Hood (Lakeside School production)
The Sick King (Lakeside School production)
A Memphis King in Camelot (unproduced)
The Vain King and the Dragon (unproduced)

And notes/some scenes for a play about Ismene.

Of the plays, Beau, Stone, Sick King, Memphis, and Vain King are still good enough to revise a bit and submit. I'm not sure how the Ismene play will turn out.

I also dug out some of my short stories - though I had to go searching for the disc (the computer crash had also wiped out the story files). With relief, I found it, and found some stories I'd even forgotten about. A mixed group overall, and they all need a bit of work, but a couple of them have potential.

As for poetry, I keep getting a few published each year. Not a lot, but a few. I just sent out a batch of haiku - one or two of them might have a chance. There are some clerihews I'll be sending out. We'll see.

So even if the novel never sees print, there are still outlets for me.

Pax et bonum

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