Monday, August 11, 2014

Off in the wilds

The Good-looking one and I are up in the Adirondacks enjoying a few days of mountain air and magical early mornings.

just before dawn
loons, ducks, crows, geese, and tweets -
finding God's presence

I'm thinking of Franciscan spirituality as it applies to nature. The traditional Christian view involves dominance or stewardship (per Father Daniel Horan, OFM), but the Franciscan view is one more of kinship. I am not ruling you. I am not just taking care of you. I am your brother.

The first two views - dominance and stewardship - are not wrong. But the Franciscan way is much more personal.

Brother Loon.
Sister Duck.
Brother Crow.
Sister Goose.

Brother Tweet?

Okay - tweets from my Brothers and Sisters!

Pax et bonum

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