Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Peter Maurin - the unused dynamite of the Church


Writing about the Catholic Church,
a radical writer says:
“Rome will have to do more
than to play a waiting game;
she will have to use
some of the dynamite
inherent in her message.”
To blow the dynamite
of a message
is the only way
to make the message dynamic.
If the Catholic Church
is not today
the dominant social dynamic force,
it is because Catholic scholars
have failed to blow the dynamite
of the Church.
Catholic scholars
have taken the dynamite
of the Church,
have wrapped it up
in nice phraseology,
placed it in an hermetic container
and sat on the lid.
It is about time
to blow the lid off
so the Catholic Church
may again become
the dominant social dynamic force.

Pax et bonum


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A Secular Franciscan said...

Thank you. He has so many wonderful essays - a very insightful and inspiring man. I wonder if some day he and Dorothy Day will be recognized as saints.