Friday, August 29, 2014

Vatican gives guidance on the Sign of Peace

The Congregation for Divine Worship and Sacraments has issued some guidance on the Sign of Peace.

The document advises the bishops in future Missals call for the ending of some practices identified as abuses. This section reads:

In any case, it will be necessary, at the time of the exchange of peace, to definitively avoid abuses such as:

-the introduction of a "song for peace", which is non-existent in the Roman Rite.9

-the movement of the faithful from their places to exchange the sign of peace amongst themselves.

-the departure of the priest from the altar in order to give the sign of peace to some of the faithful.

I've seen all of these in various churches, some more blatantly than others. Most churches don't go too far, so these guidelines will affect only a few places - at least in this area.

Now there are a few other areas that could use some guidance ...

Pax et bonum

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