Sunday, August 24, 2014

Summer's over - back to the books

I know that summer hasn't officially ended, but as a teacher, it has.

This week I have meetings at school, and some setting up of my room to do. A week from Wednesday classes start, so I have to have all the  opening day information (in print, and online) set to present them to the students.

I can take comfort that after the unsettled Spring I have a job to return to, and my AP students did do well.

This has been kind of a lost summer, though. I never was able to get that online publishing going, and did not get as much reading and writing done as I wanted to. My diet stalled. Flak at church has led me to decide not to return to the choir, and to avoid going to my home parish most Sundays the band is not playing. And Friday I got a letter from the company that used to run the Santa program at our mall saying that the contract I signed with them last year forbids me from working for another company at the mall for two years. This is to be my 10nth season, and I may not be able to do it?

But I did get some reading done, including a Franciscan workbook on leader ship. I got some music practice in and picked up so new songs. I cleared out/donated some books I needed to get rid of, and started sorting through (and getting rid of) old financial documents from my files and my parents' estates. We did get part of the kitchen done, replacing the sink and counters. I got the bedroom painted. And I got up to Lake Placid for some pleasant days.

Thank you Lord for both the good and the bad. Help me to learn and grow.

Pax et bonum

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